It is common feature amongst most of us, that whenever some one looks more beautiful or handsome,or when we see some persons getting a better salary than us or see someone wearing jewellery from head- to- foot, or see people moving in luxurios cars,a thing called jelousy occupies our mind which results in tension, which we can call it stress. This stress often results in strain which speaks on our health indirectly. Iam not pointing out that every one becomes jealous but 80 to 90% of us are surely a victim of this. Man instead of increasing his life span by laughter, happiness,contentedness, he is only paving way for his grave by unnessarily worring about things which are not in his hands.

What i want to point out to say is, how to minimise this jealousy, although it cannot be fully eradicated from ones mind. If we give us a thought as to how could it be minimised there is always a solution as solutions are always there to many a problems around us,if we really look for it.

One such solution is: when we see someone who happens to come to our sight almost on a daily basis,we feel jealous.Or for that matter when we happen to see some people occasionally also, we become jealous and it results in anxiety thinking that as to why we are not sailing in the same boat as others.

Now,if we think carefully, this jealousy can be almost reduced to a minimum.To drive home my point i wish to say that we feel jealous when we see people who are better than us in richness, beauty, intellengence etc, as we will be seeing them very often and on a daily basis. But there are so many people like Film Actors, sportsman,businessmen,and many thousands are there whom we have not seen at all. ‘WHAT THE EYE DOSEN’T SEE, THE HEART WONT GRIEVE ABOUT’ .When we are not jealous about these thousands of people,who are existing but are out of our sight and not jealous about them, then why should we be jealous about some, whom we see on a daily basis, like our friends, neighbours, relations etc. IS THIS NOT A PANEATIA FOR US TO MINIMISE JEALOUSY AND MAKE WAY FOR A BETTER LIVING.THINK OVER.

I know many may deny that, they are not not all jealous about anyone, but if they search their hearts, they will surely find many.



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