Why people don’t Agree!

As the saying goes:” No two watches agree and no two teachers agree. ” Not only the above people but in general NO TWO PEOPLE AGREE and there will be always opposition to, when one presents an opinion.

As every one is aware there has to be a friction between one body to another. If you think there should not be any friction as in the case of the ground and our legs, we cannot move to any desired place at all. To make matters clear, imagine that you are asked to walk over a smooth surface like a mozaic floor on which water is spread over. Everyone will be afraid to take a step carelessly, lest they are likely to fall and meet with some breakage of their bones in their hands,thighs or legs. Now let us also imagine that the same floor is spread with a coat of oil. None will dare to take a step ahead. This is because FRICTION would be very less  between the foot and the floor. The above illustrates that Friction is a must in life for us to move about, just like a car moves on a tarred road.

But this is not the case with human beings whenever one expresses an opinion there will be always an opposition. One man says that ” cricket is the best game” . Then another one says ” cricket is a dangerous game as it involves,batting, bowling and running,besides there is always a fear that one might get hurt inspite of wearing the protectives like gloves, pads etc.” so the second person expresses that Table-Tennis is a good game, when compared to cricket. NOW WHO IS. CORRECT AND WHO IS WRONG?

In my opinion both are correct. If one wants to make a name and fame, he chooses Cricket.Not only this, but to achieve anything ‘it is like a sense of Mission’ for the man who chooses Cricket.

Now after going through this, again we can see that people dont agree with the post and go on arguing and thus you can see my point that “No TWO PEOPLE AGREE” is proved right away.


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