Here are some of the jokes for the reading pleasure of bloggers:

Two drunks entering a bar in Mexico:

1st drunk: “Hey, give me a horse neck”

2nd drunk: give me a horse tail, ther’s no use killing two horses.”


A kerala exporter used to export crabs in crates to America.due to economic reasons, he used to send them in thousands of boxes without lids.The Amercan importer was astonished to see that, not even one crab was missing. So he wrote to the exporter,as to how the crabs were not missing even though the boxes did not have lids. The exporter replied these are Indian crabs, when one tries to climb, the other two will pull him down”.


A European was boasting to his foreign visitor ” look at the Alps, when i shout,the echo comes back after 5 minutes and rings back.” That’s nothing said the foreigner”in my country, before i go to bed, i shout “its time to get up,wake up,” and the voice comes to me in the morning and wakes me up”


A man had become very rich, so a news paper reporter went to have an interview with the Rich man at night. The rich man said, “its a long story, please sit down,and before i proceed, let me put out the candle,and he blew out the only light.You needn’t go on said the news paper Reporter, i think,i understood”.


(courtesy: Readers digest)


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