Why so many atrocities going on around the world? To quote a few: killing of persons belonging to a different nation, rape on innocent people, murders, theft so on and so forth. Ever wondered why? Because man has been given the gift to live for a one hundred years.So when something is given without asking,we dont attach any value to it.

First man wants to satisfy his hunger. If he gets satisfied only by eating only bread, then there would be no problem. He being not satisfied, goes after various kinds of dishes to satisfy his taste. Naturally his desire to earn more to get more increases in leaps and bounds.

To find a shelter,he needs a house Now to own a house by fair means it is a pipe-dream. So he goes for earning extra by fair or foul means. Now the desire to acquire not only a house but to attire himself in attracting clothes gives rise to more problems like going after gold ornaments, though not for his sake but for the sake of his beloved wife, children etc.

Next comes the desire to own a four wheeler. When, even to own a house is out of question how can the desire to own a BMW or even a less priced car be in the reach of an ordinary person. Naturally he stoops to such low levels, which one can consider is the end of ethics.

The society in which we live has so many attractions that one forgets himself in the midst of these. First comes the fair sex, and one gets infatuated with someone,one throws caution to the winds and become unaware of the consequences. This is one of the many reason for so many murders taking place.

Next is, the society is filled with vices, such as drinking, gambling, racing and so many other things for which man falls a prey. Even drugs are a menace in a society which drags many to unseen misery. Again these leads to greed,cheating, hoodwinking jealousy, theft, murders and what not.

Do you think people around the world are unaware of these. Every one knows, but they care a damn to principles and procedures thinking that ‘ We will cross the bridge when we come to it’.

Is there a remedy to all the above. Yes, it is there if we change our perception.First the ‘Ego’ (thinking that i alone is superior) should vanish from the minds. For this to happen, ‘desire’ to acquire things, should be minimised. As saint Thulsidas says one may possess mines filled with gems,mines filled with elephants, horses,etc, but one will not have peace of mind unless one relinquishes the desire to acquire things”



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