Distortions in Communication (oral)

COMMUNICATION is constantly taking place the moment we open our eyes. But many are ignorant of distortions in communication from the episode given :(presently we shall see the distortions in oral communication)

” I cannot wait to get to the police station, as it is imperative that i hasten to the hospital to take the injured as he was bleeding profusely’ On the 26th cross at Metgalli road, a lorry bearing No.WB-05-8055, coming from KRS side, suddenly negotiated a right turn and a motor-cyclist coming from the opposite,was hit.The lorry driver seemed to be accelerating at the time of accident and had only one light on the left side.This happened around mid-night.”

Now if theWritten Report if read as is, to the Second Person and asked to communicate orally to the next person, how the Distortion takes place you can notice. (The written matter can be read to the second person as many times he wants by the First person.

Second person to the Third 😦 after the matter has been read out to him) Orally communicates:

A lorry bearing No.8055,at Metagalli in midnight turned right and hit a motor cyclist and he was bleeding.He could not go to police station.The motor cyclist had only one light.

Third person to Fourth (orally)

on the metagalli road,an acccident happened between a lorry and a motor cycle and motor cyclist got injured badly and taken to hospital by the lorry driver.

Fourth person to Fifth:(orally)

on the metagalli road accident happened and motor cyclist lost control and hit the lorry and motor-cyclist, lost a lot of blood and taken to hospital.

Fifth person to the sixth (orally)

On. the Metgalli road there happend to be an accident and motor-cyclist was injured as he took a right turn. He bled badly and so the writer took him to hospital and he died.

Now let us imagine you are an inspector at the police station and the sixth person as reporter comes and informs you about the accident: How do you proceed with an invistigation:


i) you are not given the exact place of accident.

ii) Lorry Reg. No. is not made known.

iii) which hospital the injured has been admitted to.

iv)time of accident.(day date )

The above can happen because of not following the A,B and C of communication: A is for accuracy,B is for Brievity and C is for Clarity.

1) Accuracy in the above communication (place of accident)

2) Brievity is not there: because many high sounding words are used like profusely, negotiated,imperative etc and also it is lengthy in nature.Many persons are not used to difficult words and derieve their own meanings.

3)Clarity is not there: (because of use of unnecessary words are used in the written communication.

Instead of a lengthy written communication: it could have been said:

On the 26th cross on the Metagalli road,an accident took place at mid-night, between a lorry bearing No.WB -05-8055,and a motor cyclist who was injured and left bleeding and i being an eye-wittness had to take him to the hospital and myself could not report the matter to the police.

I earnestly request those of you who have gone through this post may kindly implore the younger generation to adopt the A,B and C of communication in their life to avoid any confusion.



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