A farmer was ploughing in his field. Suddenly ‘INJUSTICE being -the king of Evils appeared on the scene. Beconning to the Devil, who was unaware of what is happening said, “You idiot, have you become blind and day-dreaming, don’t you see what I perceive, See for your self how happy is that useless farmer,if you don’t make him unhappy, I will burn you. If people become happy our days are not far off from existence. Get to your feet pronto and do something to make that farmer lose his mind” Thus saying Injustice disappeared.

The Devil thought for a long time how to go about the problem. Finally he set upon a plan. He slowly went to where the farmer had kept his lunch and took it away thinking that the farmer will cry and cry for not finding his meal of the day.

Soon the farmer, seeing that it was afternoon, stopped ploughing, washed his hands and went to the place where he had kept his lunch. Having seen that his lunch sack was missing, he said to himself ” someone might have been hungry and must have taken my food, alright I will have a tumbler of water,so saying he went on with his ploughing.

Immediately, Injustice, appeared once again and said ” Now the time has come to burn you, I shall do it immediately, Said the Injustice to the Devil. Had I not told you to make that man unhappy, and now see what you have done”! The Devil, begged Injustice to give him one more chance to prove it’s might. Agreeing to the pleading, the Injustice disappeared.

The Devil, this time took the shape of a boy and appeared in front of the farmer and said that it has come to help him. Seeing the forecast, that there would be famine, it advised the farmer to sow the seeds in the marshy land. All other farmers who had sown the seeds in ordinary lands washed their hands off from money, whereas the farmer sold his crop at a high price and made a lot of money. Next 6 months, the Devil advised him to sow the seeds in an uphill. This time, it rained heavily and all the other farmers crop was swept away due to heavy downpour. The farmer was very happy. Not only he made four times the profit but also could have PLENTY of grain in his granary. The Devil, directed the farmer, to make a local drink -Toddy (just like brandy) with the excess grain in the granary. Having made he started drinking the Toddy, along with his wife, sons daughters etc. Once again the Injustice appeared again and said to the Devil “What the hell you have done, I told you to make him unhappy, instead you have made him more happy, you are no good to exist”. “No, Sire, said the Devil to Injustice, watch, this is only the first round, see for yourself what happens next with your own eyes”.

Next, the farmer seeing that his wife had spilt some of the toddy lost his temper and started calling her all sorts of names and began thrashing her in front of others. Then he and others began drinking again and started rolling like pigs in the gutter. Soon there was a fight among the gathering and each one of them were injured badly, were crying loud with pain and having no sence of their existence. Injustice was very happy, as the Devil had marvelled in it’s task. Being happy with the task given and successful accomplishment,the Devil was promoted to the next higher rank by Injustice.



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