If at all if you’ll like to find any crazy people,any where in the world you can find in many places but INDIA TOPS THE LIST. If you see the crowd at the stadiums, you can be sure that any amount of Demonitization will not stop the rich, becoming richer and richer day by day. Formerly i.e., in good old days there used to be a few matches played between different nations like M.C.C and India, or Australia vs West indies, etc. But now you can almost see a match being played right round the year which is nothing but dime a dozen. You dont need a blue print to make out who is getting the Lions share out of these matches.It is the players and the B.C.C.I.

As said earlier, there were only TEST MATCHES ,for a period of 5 days. Then came the ONE DAY INTERNATIONALS, which was more or less apt and acceptable. Then came ‘T-20’s where in the match was restricted to 20 overs.

Now it has reached the height of insanity with the introduction of the, I.P.L (Indian premier League).As far as i could see,this is not only funny but also ridiculous with each side having players from different countries mixing and playing in the matches.Some of these being backed by some of The Elight of India and are known by crazy names, viz , RCB, D.D, CSK etc.

In addition, they have introduced some dames who could be dancing right through the match and spectators glaring at them with their bewildered eyes.This is nothing but adding fuel to fire.Days are not far off when they might mix the opposite sexes in the matches and it may not be a wonder if they do so, to make the already crazy ones to become more less to assume themselves to be man on the moon.

Because of these crazy matches, even the School boys being much impressed take whatever they could lay their hands and occupy the streets with some wooden clubs and studs calling them as Bat and stumps ,and endanger the public with their imaginary matches and destroying the pedestrains peace of mind.

Another sphere if you care to see, is at the Cinema theatres. Whoever the actors may be, or whoever may be the directors, but the theatres will run to packed houses. I am amazed as to how people make so much dough, which they dont mind spending like running water. Even water has become dearer but not money in the hands of people. I am of the opinion that these moneys are not hard-earned ones.

It is high time people instead of wasting not only money but even wasting valuable time, put the same to proper use, so that the bridge between the rich and the poor gets minimized and pave way for a better tomorrow.



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