The first thing which comes to Ones mind is ‘ Why go through this awaful post ,as if we dont know , another one thinks -‘ not only negligence, but rashness also attributes for most of the accidents’ So as one can see, NEGLIGENCE STARTS from the beginning itself. Likewise,we can see negligence in almost every part of our daily life as mentioned in the foregoing passages.

Mostly people are so addicted to music, that they pay no attention to what is behind them or what is next to them. All they think is to plug in the ear phone into their ears and go on nodding to the music with their hands and fingers moving in line with the music. This is a common sight in the busy streets of Bangalore. Such things if you dont call Negligence, then what else you can call?

Next is a live incident which i had come across in my life. This being a case of ‘ Electricity’ which many people are afraid off, than its utility. At one such house ,an electric wire passing over at the back of the house broke into two and half of the broken wire fell at the back side of the house.Since it was from the pole where the wire had snapped and being a live wire, electrician was summoned.The electrician came climbed the pole with bare hands, and after removing the fuse, pulled the other half of the wire with bare hands. As if struck, by lightening, lo, he fell down from the pole which was at a height of 15 to 18 feet above the ground.To make matters worse, his head got struck by a gutter stone,resulting in instant death due to blood gushing out from the head. You may be wondering, as to how this could have happenned after the fuse being removed. The reason was, due to heat, the fuse wire had melted inside and the connection was still there. Thus the accident resulted, because the electrician hadn’t used a wooden ladder to climb on, and the next reason being his over confidence thinking that, when he had removed the fuse,how can current be flowing.

Next is the case of an industry,which thought, ‘ They would cross the bridge when we come to it.’ It a manufacturing Industry, which used huge steel plates to bend, cut etc., using over- head cranes to lift the steel plates to move from one manufacturing Bay to another. When a steel plate measuring 10 ft x20 ft had to be lifted,the people at the bottom of the crane used to attach huge steel hooks to it, on all the four corners,for easy movement. At one such time, when it was being moved, one of the hooks called Sling, slipped which resulted in a huge jerk to the crane. But this was not a problem. But the actual problem, was a large bee- hive was attached to the crane and every one thought ‘let the sleeping dogs lie’. Thus none bothered about the bee- hive to remove it thinking that nothing adverse would happen. The jerk, resulted in the bee -hive coming apart and the bees attacked the crane operator for no fault of his. They started biting him in thousands and to escape from them he had the difficulty of climbing down the ladder which was 30-35 ft above the ground. He could not even see where he was heading to. He could not even open his eyes as bees had bit him in the eyes too. He was admitted to the hospital, wherein thousands of bee stings were removed from his body. Luckily he escaped death being a strong and young man and after taking rest at the hospital for more than a week. Even today i shiver at the thought that i was not that crane operator.




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