Alister Maclien, was a great scottish Novelist,who wrote the Novel, ‘FEAR IS THE KEY ‘ and a film was also produced which became a huge hit.

In our daily life,we do many things out of fear rather than out of love or affection. Imagine a kid going to school. He goes to school, because of the fear that his parents will scold him if he does not. Even we respect our teachers not because we love them but due to the ‘fear’ that if we dont say ‘Good Morning’ to them, they might feel offended. In India, (i don’t know about the world, because iam like A frog in a well) when ever we see some one like a teacher or our boss or others we greet them with a ‘Good morning’.In my opinion we are doing this out of fear, even though there is hatred towards them, because they would have ‘ belittle’ us or scolded us.So we are doing out of fear, lest they become unfavourable to us.

The All India Radio, in one of their broadcast channels namely ‘AMRITHVARSHINI’ were brining out some experiences which some great people had encountered and it was really an eye-opener and hilarious to many to listen.The narrators were expressing their ideas beautifully. But for reasons best known to them ‘The All India Radio’ , have abruptly stoppped the Channel itself. All good things will not go for ever. One or two such instances which I had come across, i would like to share here:

In one instance: The narrator describes the situation like this: Imagine that you are asked to walk over a ditch on which a 4×1 wooden plank is placed over at a height of 3 feet. Then you shall not hesitate to walk over to reach the other end. Now imagine the same plank is placed at 100 feet, above the ground and you are asked to cross over. No doubt, you shall start swetting and your legs start tremblling.You may even faint at the thought of this. Now you can experience what ‘FEAR’ is.

Next narration was concerned with a man who was afraid of taking A flight.On one occasion he had to take a flight due to some exigencies. Shivering and his throat becoming dry, he slowly entered the Aircraft with all his hands becoming numb and sat in the seat reserved for him. After some time he saw some small things moving outside the window of the plane. “Look at those people down there, they are looking like ants,we are so high up in the air”- he said to the man seated next to him. The person next to him replied” The tiny ones who you see are real ants near the window, The flight is yet to take off”.



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