Wife was yelling at her husband “ You untrustworthy fellow, how dare you have an illicit connection with that concubine, all this time,i’ll end my life for the thing you have done to me”

This incident only took place, just because the husband was foolish enough to hide from his wife the relationship which he had, thinking that his mischiefs will go unnoticed by his wife.As you see, this was a case of hide and seek.

But look at this case, A man telling his wife:”My dear, i want to tell you something which i havn’t told you all these days. We have been married all these years and hence i dont want to keep this secret away from you any longer. In my bachelor days i had a chance to a visit a call girl and she was a lovely piece,i can’t forget the time i spent with her even after all these years” The very next day he faced a divorce from his wife.

A student who happenned to be an undergraduate due to his economic condition was in the habit of giving tuitions to young boys and girls.Out of the students, he was infatuated with a beautiful girl.But the sad thing was he was belonging to a upper caste and the girl was from another.How could he marry her even though he liked her so much. “After he gained a good appointement he wanted to marry the same girl. Alas the girl was already married. This thing unknowingly he narratted to his newly wedded wife and from then on they were sleeping in seperate beds. This was another state of a married life.

Such incidents surely will make anybody insane but one cannot control ones nature. Afterall men and women are the only cause which exists in this world besides the other living things.One is bound to commit mistakes one way or the other. This dosen’t mean all women are saints but their cases are not dime a dozen.

Iam not pointing out that one should not tell all things to their spouses, but things which make anyones life miserable should not be.

So if you want a good and long relationship with your spouse, never tell any secrets about you like a mug and face a rugged and awaful life.



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