CONCERN TOWARDS OTHERS- what we really lack!

Iam not trying to exagerrate on this point. As everyone knows: There is a big question as to what is civilization and culture. Every one is aware as to what is civilization, but none is aware of what ‘CULTURE’ is.

To drive home my point i would like to narrate what i have observed in India.When someone ‘Expires’ the whole town will be there to attend the funeral together with their crocodile tears.where as WHEN ONE IS ALIVE HARDLY NO ONE POKES HIS HEAD AROUND. Why this kind of acting bothers me. We need not worry that we are not acting in any film as we are not actors, but in real life we even excel the real actors in a film. In a film, the actors are paid, whereas, we are not paid for our acting.

Now, One, must have nearly come to the point, which i am trying to stress on. When the last Governer General of India namely Mr RAJAGOPALACHARI (who has penned many a books) was inquired as to what is ‘CULTURE’ He replied “Having concern towards others is culture”.

One more instance i would like to mention in this context. It is my experience that more often than not, people who occupy window seats (especially in a two seater seat) in the government or private buses, occupy 3/4th of the seats in Karnataka,thinking that the whole seat is meant for them alone.This makes the other person parking his bottom,usually to fall down from the bus,when the bus negotiates a bend.This again points to the ‘NO CONCERN’ attitude of the persons.

This ‘LACK OF CONCERN’ one can observe in our ‘bloggers section too’. To test what bloggers would do, if i keep mum for some time i decided not to Post any further ‘posts’ for some time.When i did this for about a fortnight or so, none appeared to go thro any of my posts which i had penned earlier, nor bothered as to why a gap was there altogether. Ofcourse, they would be busy with something or the other. Yesterday, when i set the ball in motion again, one or two bloggers also replied to my ‘Comments’ and ‘likes’ Thus, this action of mine proved that ‘if we care, some also do’ and it points to ”CONCERN’ again.

I had gone thro some of the ‘posts’ penned by others some time back and had sent my ‘comments’ for which neither there was reply nor action from their end.This ‘behaviour’ from the bloggers show that they have no concern towards others which goes to prove my point.

I feel, it would do a lot of encouragement if the bloggers accept the comments and give a line in reply.Hope the Blogger fraternity will consider the matter in the right perspective and encourage the novice ones instead of praising the already popular bloggers who have already on the Top list.



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