IT IS SOMETIME BACK I WROTE a post Titled ‘DO CIRCUMSTANCES PLAY A VITAL ROLE IN HUMAN BEINGS LIFE’, and as expected except a few bloggers, rest of the people did not peep into the post. What could have been the reasons, let us take some time to Analize, that might have occured due to the ‘CIRCUMSTANCES’ as said in my above post.

  • First and the foremost reason could be they would have gone out of their normal resting places due to Christmas and New Year-2018.
  • Secondly thay would have made many a ‘RESOLUTIONS’ for the New year and may not be able to cope with the resolutions made and may be frustrated with themselves as they might have failed like the previous years.
  • Next being, many would be preparing for their forthcoming Annual exams being afaraid that they would be facing the wrath of their loved ones if they flunk.
  • Fourth reason could be many may be upset, as their girl friends or boy friends might have ‘DITCHED’ them having found someone better than them and naturally would be looking as if a spider has fallen into their soup.
  • The next reason could be some who are lucky ones,would have gone on a Honey-moon and would be thinking ‘ let the bloggging go to hell’.
  • Next reason could be they must be stuck with NEWTONS FIRST LAW, which gives rise to ‘inertia’ Which in ordinary words is called lazyness.
  • Some may be feeling short of ‘dough’ which normally makes anyone disinterested for the time being- as in my case.
  • There may be many more reasons which this little brain (if you care to call it a brain) cannot recollect. So, as stated, in my Post ‘ Do Circumstances play a vital role in humans life -stands proved. So No QED IS REQUIRED AS SAID IN GEOMETRY. (QED: stands for: quad erat demonstrandum)



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