Surprizing is it not? Well someone would have experienced in their own personal life too, at some point of time. This may sound some what in the pessimistic way but it is true.

This is not only in love affairs, between opposite sexes but might have happened in the case of like poles too.(one is aware that, like poles repel and unlike poles attract) You might have noted in the case of Magnets too, that this is true.

To quote a live example: In a Training programme organised by an institution, they had conducted a game in which one has to choose one of the partcipants as ones ‘leader’, another one as ones ‘subordinate’, so on and soforth. When my turn came i had indicated one ‘Mr X’ as ‘my Boss’ Under whom i wished to work and another man say ‘Mr Y’ as my Assistant’. In the same way other participants had also indicated their choices thro secret ballot. When the Training Manager, who was conducting the programme brought out and the results on the black-board, i was astonished to find that the Mr X, whom i had indicated as my Boss, had mentioned in his statement as myself ‘as unco-operative and useless’. Whereas the man whom i had indicated ‘as my Assistant’ i.e.,Mr ‘ Y’ had indicated myself as his Boss’ and had appreciated me as an upright and resposible person and had indicated to accept me as his ‘Boss’

From the above, it might be clear, to everyone that Whom we regard as ‘MOST USEFUL’ the same person might look us, as useless, and ‘WHOM WE Think as a ‘Useless fellow’ on the contrary, may have a Very GOOD opinion about us.

The above usually happens between a BOY AND A GIRL which usually results in misunderstandings and paves way for sucides and other such mishaps. HENCE ONE SHOULD NOT JUMP INTO CONCLUSIONS IN MARITAL RELATIONS.



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