WOMEN have been always the weakness of man.If one cares to turn the pages of History one can easily perceive that always women have been the weakness of men. Let, one be an emperor or a common man,always he is a slave of womens’ beauty.

Julius ceazer was an emperor of Rome, but when CLEOPATRA, asked him to bow down to her, he unhesitatingly responded. As Mark Antony points out in his speech, (which is considered as one of the masterpieces of English literature) Ceazer was offered thrice the gold crown, but thrice he refused.But being infatuated with Cleopatra’s beauty, he could not resist himself.

Take a look at our great Hindu Epic RAMAYANA.The demon king ‘RAVANA’ was a mighty warrior, who had even slaved the ‘NAVAGRAHAS’ (the nine planets, Sun, Moon, Jupiter,uranus,Neptune, Saturn etc) but was moved by SEETHA-SRI RAMA’S WIFE, and paved way for his own distruction.

If one has heard the story of ‘SAMSON AND DELILAH’ one can see that Samson being so mighty, was enthralled by the beauty of DELILAH, and hereto we see that,Samson puts and end to his life along with Delilah, because of his love towards her.

In India, there was a lot of controvercy with the film PADMAVATHI’ which every one is aware of. ‘PADMAVATHI’ was known for her beauty, which made Alluddin Khilgi, attack the kingdom of The king of Rajputs and ended in killing Padmavathi’s husband in the battle. Padmavathi, being very loyal to her husband, immolated herself, to escape from the lustful eyes of Allauddin Khilgi. One can see, that women has been the weakness of men, for which many a battle has been fought in one form or the other.

In another Epic of Hindus, we see that, SAGE VISHWAMITHRA, had involved himself in a penance for a length of time, to get the blessings of Lord Bramha- the creator of Universe, but had to put an end to his penance, because he was attracted by the beauty of celestial dancer Menaka. Thus he had to wash off his hands from his lengthy penance because of his weakness towards the woman.

God has created man and woman And women are considered as fair sex, which men cannot resist because of womens’ beauty and is always a slave.



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