“Some one has quoted” Man is a product of his thoughts,what he thinks he becomes”.

Let us examine whether the above statement, to what extent, is True or not, by going through some fictionary examples and some through, what has been depicted in films and plays.

Coming to the first aspect let us see How love is important between two human beings of different sex. If there was no sex or lust involved, the world would not exist. I hope every one accepts this and wo’nt ask for a blue print to PROVE THIS.

Let us consider a Teenage boy existed, and due to his economic background not being stable, is involved in giving tutions to some youngsters. Among them there is one girl who is very pretty and the youngster also has guessed that the girl is also in love with him. Every one knows that love is blind. The boy is still a student and as said above is not financially sound. More over he has several brothers and sisters who being elder to him, are yet to enter the wedded life. As if adding fuel to fire, the girl is from a different caste and it is needless to point out that the boy too was. Now how can the boy go ahead and marry the girl whom he likes so much. He is left with no other option except to forego. With a heavy heart he had to bow to the CIRCUMSTANCES Surrounding him.

Let us imagine a case in which a young girl is married to a much elder man who is nearly 18 years older than her. The lass, hailing from a family, where she had several younger sisters yet to be married, had no other option except to agree to the marriage with the man who was much older than her age. She had to undergo the decision due to another fact and that was due to her parents being financially unsound.Here again we can Visualize ‘Circumstances’ playing its mighty hand.

Now let us go to the known subject other than the unknown or fabricated one. In Shakespeare’s great Tragedy play -Hamlet. Hamlet, is deeply in love with Ophelia, who is the daughter of Polonius.Hamlet’s father is cunningly murdered by his brother and Hamlet, wants to avenge his fathers death. Now due to some confussion arising out, POLONIUS gets killed by Hamlet himself, on account of which OPHELIA, becomes insane and gets drowned in a stream accidently. Now, is Hamlet not under circumstances?

In India Producer- Actor,Rajkapoor, produced a film ‘MERA NAM JOKER’ in which a boy, being a student falls in love with his teacher, who is elder to him. The teacher also likes him so much but due to difference in caste and age is unable to think of wed-lock. Finally the boy with a heavy heart witnessess the marriage of his teacher with some other happy-go-lucky- fellow. Here also it is evident that Circumstances comes in the way of ones progress.

Many of us might have come under similar circumstances in their life too. SO WE CAN DEFINITELY VOUCH THAT MAN IS A SLAVE OF CIRCUMSTANCES.



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