Readers, who take the trouble of going thro this write-up, should not jump to a conclusion that the post is about mocking on any particular religion, caste, creed or color, but an effort made to bring about the humour hidden in the episode. I had come across a lecture by an eminent person some time back and now trying to share amongst all interested readers.

Hindus, strongly believe that for the sins committed by them in their present on- going-life, no sooner they take a deep -dive in the river Ganges, their sins will be washed away, just like water leaves a sink. Such beliefs are prevalent in other religions too.

This narration is, with regard to a religion, in which a person or persons practice a procedure named as confession in a church for the sins committed by them knowingly or unknowingly.

To begin with, there happened to be a Church, in a place where such practice was in vogue. People who used to commit sins, used to go and confess to their sins to the Father of a church who used to listen to their sins and then he would pray God, to ward of the sins committed by the individual. This particular name of the Father was known as ALBERT and the place being a city in an English country. It so happenned that, women folk had a habit of extra marital relations being dis-satisified with their husbands-sexual -ability and later on would go and confess to Father Albert about the same. Some even used to go to an extent of sleeping with Even 3, 4 or 5 persons as per their requirement every possible night.

Father Albert, on hearing the word women repeatedly saying “YESTERDAY NIGHT I SLEPT WITH TWO MEN, THREE MEN” etc., got bored and after much thinking told them ” if you have slept with ONE man, ‘ SAY I SLIPPED ONCE’ and if you have slept with two, ” SAY I SLIPPED TWICE’ and so on, etc. This suggestion was welcomed by the ladies and on went the new procedure as suggested by Father Albert.

But as expected any thing will not go smooth for a long time and on one bright morning Father Albert was asked to go on a transfer to another church which was some 500 miles away and the new ‘Father to occupy his place was Father QUINCY’. The transfer was Triangular one, resulting in three such ‘Fathers occupying three different places of duty. Father Albert had to go to the place occupied by Father Raymond, inturn Father Raymond had to take the place of ‘Father Quincy’ and as already said above, Father Qunicy had to take the place of father Albert. Such being the case, Father Albert had no time to convey the procedure adopted by him, to father Quincy. But he thought of a plan and contacted the Mayor of his vicinity and told him about the SLIPPING’ procedure which he used to follow with the ladies and asked the Mayor to convey the same to ‘Father Quincy’ who would be taking his place.The Mayor agreed and thus, Father Albert left his place and moved to the new place with a contented heart, thinking that he has done his duty efficiently.

NOW FATHER Quincy, having occupied Father Alberts place, was very worried on hearing various ladies often telling him that they ‘SLIPPED’ two, three, four five times etc., and this irritated him. The whole problem, was due to the non communication of the ‘SLIPPING’ episode to Father Quincy by the Mayor, due to his pre-occupation with the maintenance of city’s administration.

One such duty of the Mayor, was removal of the accumulation of snow on the payments, being a cold place, which the Mayor was doing efficiently. But father Quincy hearing ladies continueously complaning about the slipping came to the conclusion that the Mayor had failed in his duty in removing the accumulated snow on the pavements and hence thought of reminding the Mayor to perform his duty efficiently. Having this in mind,On one occassion he told the Mayor about the same. Hearing this the Mayor started laughing boisterously. The reaction from the Mayor really irritated Father Quincy, and thus losing his temper he said ” Mr Mayor, instead of solving the problem, you are laughing, do you know that your wife ‘SLIPPED’ 10 TIMES YESTERDAY NIGHT.”



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