A Demon’s son has shown the way but we are unable to follow even that.

Why people worship God? simple answer : to make their living on this earth, free from diseases,to give them lot of wealth,and last but not the least -A long life.

Jesus Christ, being the son of God, lived with the diseased,poor and even with people who had committed sins. In the same way Bhagavan Mahaveera, preached AHIMSA(not to harm any llving being) and Gautham Buddha, showed that desires should be overcome to seek contentness.

Here the question is: Can we escape death by seeking the blessings of God? To seek an answer here is a short story from Hindu Mythology (if one would like to go thro.)

On this earth two giants (Demons) took birth.Their names being HIRANYAKSHA, and HIRANYAKASHIPU. To escape from death- (which is an end for all beings),Hiranyakashipu, obtained a Boon from the Creator Bramha, that he shall not be killed by any man or beast, nor during the morning time or in the night, nor outside the house, nor inside the house. Thus the creator granted the boon and because of this boon he started harassing people and asking people to worship himself as God. Those who opposed were either torchered or put to death.

Now the interesting point is his wife was a great devotee of God Vishnu (who is called as sustainer of this universe) This Hirayakashipu, hated Lord Vishnu, because his brother Hiranyasha, had tried to immerse the whole earth into the ocean,and thus God Vishnu had to kill him. Thus Hirankashipu bore a vengense towards lord Vishnu and was waiting for an opportunity to kill him, in a fight.

Hiranyakashipu had to face one more problem and that was due to his son PRAHALAD. Because,Prahald’s mother was a staunch devotee of Vishnu, the Son also had become a great devotee of Vishnu even when he was in his mother’s womb. When Prahalad’s father, Hiranyakashipu asked him to worship him as God, Prahalad refused, and said “ there is only One God and that is Lord Vishnu”, which made Hiranyakashipu to torcher his own son by setting fire to him, putting him in Lions den , asking Prahalad’s mother to make him drink pioson, etc. All these seemed to be no avail. At last, seeing all his plans being met with failure,he asked his son ” where is your Vishnu, show me, i shall kill him”. Prahalad said ” lord Vishnu is every where, he is present in you and as well as me”.’If so, show me, is he present in this pillar?” angrily asked Hiranyakashipu to his son.”yes father, he is present in the pillar too”.”Allright, i shall break the pillar and kill him,,” So saying , he gave wild blows to the pillar. Lo! the pillar broke and out came a figure: Half-man-half Lion. A big fight took place and thus Hiranyakashipu was killed fiercely by the Half-man-half Lion in the end. The figure (NARASIMHA- was Lord Vishnu himself) which killed Hiranyakashipu, was neither a man,nor an animal and neither he was killed inside or outside the house- as he was killed on the threshold of the door,and it was neither during morning nor it was night-as it was evening. One can see the manupilation of God to rescue his ‘BELOVED’

Why the above has been nararrated is to bring out the fact that even though PRAHALAD, being the son of a giant, has pointed out that ‘GOD IS OMNIPRESENT’ still we are fighting over the problems in building temples etc. It is needless to say that we can worship God any where, even in our own homes, without running here and there. ‘WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY.’


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