LIVE AND LET DIE !(not a correct attitude)

I have penned a few posts and in each one, I have tried to bring out its meaning either thro a story or incidents happened or observed in my life. It may interesting to note that there is a try to INSPIRE people to do a little BETTER than what they were doing before. One should not think that ‘iam trying to blow my own trumpet’

James Jadley Chase, a British Crime Novelist, has written many novels, not to initiate  CRIME, but to state that, Crime never pays’ Especially in the novel ‘THE GUILTY ARE AFRAID, he has brought out so nicely the above point and one, if takes to go thro the book, will never keep it down until one has reached the END.

All crimes in this world happen because of Man only, because man is never satisfied with what he has and there is no end to his desires. God has created so many living beings, like lions, tiger, elephants and so on, but they only hunt for their food and be satisfied with whatever they achieve in their pursuit.On the other hand man wants house, food, jewels, rich garments and what not. All these man tries to acquire mainly to please others and try to appear what he is really not in the eyes of others.

Are we in a position to find a remedy to Mans problems, is the question. It is easier said than done. The remedy is not only difficult but seems impossible because in any society there happens to be two class of people, the ‘haves’ and the ‘ have nots’. As said by some one, The Rich will become richer and richer and the Poor, will become poorer and poorer. And as if, adding Fuel to fire, the population is growing in abduance upon which, we do not have any control and the death rate is decreasing. Because the death rate is on the decrease, we cannot ask people to hang themselves. We have to follow Live and Let live policy.’

One more problem which we are facing is The problem of Demand and supply. People often have a tendency to buy many items in bulk and keep them for their future use, thereby effecting their shelf life and also creat a Demand. If they start ‘Economising’ On things, i.e., start to buy only for their present requirement and not store for the future, then the prices of articles can come down substantially and give a relief for the common man. This is called JIT (JUST IN TIME) policy as practised in Japan,who are famous for their manufactured items in the world. This, people should get into their thick skull and start implementing. But the question is who has to bell the cat.



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