It is usually said that ‘ REAP WHAT YOU SOW’,which is clear to state that if you do good to others, you will benefit and if you do bad to others, bad things will follow you. It will be clear from the episode below:

Once there was a setti -a misor,(just like Shylock in Merchant of Venice) who used to lend money to people who needed,  on high interest, and when ever they failed to pay the interest and the principle, he used to usurp their property.

Usually there are no ghosts and devils as some believe. But to make our story stick, we have to assume that they are present. It is also presumed that these Ghosts will not be seen by good natured people, but for bad people they appear at all times.

Once this setti, set out to recover a loan which he had loaned to a widow living in the outskirts of the Town and when he began his journey on foot he saw a Devil. As told devils will not be seen by good and noble, but setti being  wicked, he saw the Devil “Oh hello, today a grand meal must be there awaiting  you, so you have come” he said to the Devil. “Nothing so great, i  just came like that, “replied the Devil. “iam on my way to an old woman’s place, so keep me some company, so that we will kill the time,” said the setti addressing the Devil.

So both of them set out to the widows place and as they were passing, they saw a woman was loudly shouting to her son and saying ” how many times, i told you to keep the back door closed, now see the whole milk, the cat has swallowed, you dirty little rat, let the Devil swallow you” Upon hearing this the setti said to the Devil, ” look at that woman, she is ready to give her own son to you, nice meal,why don’t you swallow,.The Devil replied “The woman being poor, is merely talking in a fit of rage, if i go and try to swallow, will she give her son, she will not, what sort of a man you are,not even understanding the sentiments of people”.

On proceeding they came to see one couple who were fighting and the man shouting to his wife and saying ” let the Devil swallow you, and the wife saying to her husband “it is high time the devil swallow you”. On seeing the fight the setti said to the Devil ” what a nice chance you are given, it is worthy you came with me, see, you have two birds at one shot”. Again the Devil laughed and replied ” it is in an angry mood they are shouting at each other, they don’t really mean that they will offer each one to me, you numbskull ,why don’t you understand”.

Finally they approached the old widow’s house and on seeing the old woman, setti said to the woman” see, Madam, i had given you 100 hundred rupees a year and half back, now it has totalled to rs 200, which you have not paid, hence i will take over your house which you have mortgaged”. The widow on hearing this really got wild and shouted” you old silly rat, for 100 hundred rupees which you gave a year & half back ,you want to swallow the house, in which i live, Let the Devil swallow you, wait i will bring a broom and nicely handle you” so saying she went inside in search of a broom. The Devil simply lifted the setti, swallowed him with one gulp and then went on its way. The woman came out and not finding setti, uttered to her self ” The Devil really must have swallowed him, what a good riddance”



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