Human beings being one of the rare living things in this world, if It is is said that they consider ‘SELF’as the only thing, i dont think iam erring. But it is usual notion that none accepts easily unless it is proved to them. Unfortunately it is not SCIENCE’ that one can show by way of experiments in a laboratory as is done in schools and colleges.

Let us look the other way round stating that ‘Man is not selfish’. Then in that case we are trying to go against the Theory of Charles Darwin ‘STRUGGLE FOR EXISTENCE’ which is absurd. This nobody wants to accept because Charles Darwin was a great man, and whatever stated by him is True. So we are in ambiguity whether to accept what a little man like me, has stated is true or not. But some of you may do agree to what I have said as every where there will be ‘forand ‘against’ In all spheres of life.

Let us assume that people are not ‘selfish’. When a train accident occurs due to a mishap, and many people reach heaven or hell, the government goes out to announce as gratis, huge sums, running to lakhs and also to the less unfortunate ones some lesser amount who are injured with a broken limb or foot. No sooner it is announced people who are kith and kin of the deseased start running from pillar to post, to lay their hands on the compensation offered, ignoring the loss, at least for the time being. Iam not pointing out that every one will do, but most of them will. If this not ‘SELFISHNESS’ than what else it is.

Having born in this world, the child first, is taken care of by the most revered thing in the world that being the ‘mother’. Next, after schooling and education, what a man does is to earn his daily bread by doing some kind of job for ‘his existance in the society’. Man has various desires which are termed as ‘WANTS’. He needs a roof above his head, besides clothing, food and there in no end to the list. To meet these requirements man stoops to any level, because as stated by LIONEL ROBBINS:’ WANTS ARE NUMEROUS BUT THE MEANS ARE SCARCE.‘ To fulfill his Desires,he goes to such a level where he is ready to sacrifise, honesty, dedication hardwork etc.,and starts accepting graft, cheating, manupilate things,etc., which will spoil his morale to the maximim extent. It is needless to point out that mans ‘selfishness’is the cause.

Let us take our own example as bloggers. Ask yourself why you are writing these posts which the ‘WORDPRESS’ is kind enough to print. Others may have a different notion but i feel ‘ONE’ is writing ‘POSTS’ to fulfill his desire,to give a place to ‘ones thoughts’ besides earning A ‘NAME’ in this Little world of bloggers, though not in the Big Universe, which very few can afford to. So here also we can see ‘SELF’ Playing a major role.




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