A man once was taken to hell. He observed that there were plenty of people but their hands were tied behind their back. There was plenty of food on a table and only ladles with lengthy handles were there. Each one was trying to eat the food with the ladles which were provided, but none could eat as the ladles being too long to reach their mouth.The man saw that though the food was in plenty, none could eat and they starved.

Next he was taken to Heaven, where the same condition prevailed. But here the people using the long ladles provided to them, were feeding one another and hence they did not starve.

What i want to drive home my point is: Readers who write their posts often don’t intend on seeing posts written by others.They only see the‘comments’ offered on their posts and thank the readers who have offered comments and think that that’s the end of it.

If they take care to ‘VIEW’ the others’ posts as well, it would like People who were found in heaven’.as stated above.


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