Humans never learn from mistakes they do.


‘TO ERR IS HUMAN,BUT TO FORGIVE IS DIVINE’ From Times immorial the saying is made known but man is yet to learn its meaning in its fullest form.

We are interested in the former part of the saying as in the present context we are only concerned with it.

One might recall the HISTORY OF INDIA, where it is stated that Invaders who attacked India were dime a dozen and more furious among them was Mohammed of Ghazni, who had the guts to invade India for at least a dozen and a half times and plundered the famous Somanatha temple in the North of India. This being apart there were also The Moguls from Afghanistan who established their Kingdom in India due to the lack of Unity and animosity among the then kings of the Indian Empire.

The TAJMAHAL, which is considered as one of the wonders of the world was built by King Shah Jehan who was considered as a palace builder. When there was lack of UNITY  within India itself there is no point in mentioning that  king Shahjahan had kept his father imprisoned in jail, which proves the Adage: ‘people living in glass houses should not throw stones’.

After the Mogul rule, the British entered India with an objective of Trade and seeing that there was in fight between the Two communities coolly and with adeptness  established their kingdom in India. Very few kings were there who protested against the British. The only rulers, in India that too being in the Southern most part of India were  the Brave Hyder Ali and his son Tippu Sultan who fought against the British rule and gave their lives for the cause of Indian Independence.Thus it is befitting that a great warriors Centenary celebrations are conducted with a Pomp and show, instead of ‘ a few people trying their best ‘to throw spanner in the works’.





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