The above statement could have been made by someone intelligent who would have observed the behaviour of Human-beings.

GOUTHAM BUDDHA has Stated that  “Desire is the cause of all sorrows”. Instead of stating, he could have slightly modified as’ SELFISHNESS IS THE CAUSE OF ALL SORROWS.’ This would be more apt because One always considers himself ‘First’ and this is called as’ SELF’ or ‘SELFISHNESS’

Having come into this world ‘MAN’ to satisfy with this self, tries to Struggle for his existence and  goes after wealth, fame  etc., which in turns to ‘EGO’.

Because of this Ego, one tries to look superior in the eyes of fellow beings and thus aspires to acquire money to meet his various needs. Here it is apt to remember the words of   LIONEL ROBBINS who stated his THEORY OF ECONOMICS  ‘Wants’ are numerous but the’ Means’ are Scarce. Here ‘Wants’ refer to various desires of man’ and ‘MEANS’ refer to ‘Money or wealth ‘

Thus Man having numerous wants, viz, Tasty Food, Nice and costly clothes to wear, good house to live in and luxury cars to move about, so on and so forth and finding very little money at his disposal,  tries his best to fulfill his desires which in turn give rise to malice, jealousy, hatred, envy and other such evils  upon seeing other people getting their desired things and himself not able to, which  proves to be detrimental to ones own progress and in turn corrupts his mind. Because of these negative qualities man starts hating each other in the society  and there by it comes in the way of  UNITY and thereby gives rise to DIVERSITY.

Further the society in which we live, gives value to only appearance and not judge a person in ‘WHAT HE IS THAN ‘WHAT ONE POSSESS’.  If one cares to look into social gatherings such as Birthday Parties, Wedding or such similar parties, it comes to observe that each one wants to appear better than others so as get admiration from the others persons present around him. On not getting the expected praise, one feels jealous which leads to unhappiness  and thus loss of mental imbalance etc.

Once a saint asks his disciples as to who can attain salvation (avoiding re-birth) and none could give a satisfactory answer. Then one disciple, who is considered as an outcast, answers cleverly stating that “ IF ‘I’ COULD GO,I SHALL GO”(meaning he can attain salvation). Every one  who had gathered around  are  astounded with the answer given by the out-caste and mocks about his ignorance and adosity. Then the disciple explains that ‘I’ Stood for ‘SELFISHNESS’  and mentions  that if the ‘selfishness’ is removed from ones mind then one  can attain SALVATION. 

Hence, it is clear that Man cannot be happy unless he is contented with what he has. SANTH Thulsidas narrates in his Doha (a stanza of two lines) that a man may be in possession of hundreds of elephants, horses,and mines filled with valuable gems, but he will not be happy unless he is bestowed with ‘contentedness’  Thus we can see that’ MAN DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO LIVE ON LAND because of selfish attitude which is present in  every human being and it takes years and years of Devotion towards the Almighty to dispel  the selfishness.



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