FRESH FISH SOLD HERE‘ a fish- seller to attract more customers to his shop got a board painted and hung it  above his shop. A customer, after buying the fishes Said to the Fish-seller,You are only selling fresh fishes and not stale ones, is it not? Then why the board display asFRESH‘. The fishseller in order to please his customer, got the Board repainted as ‘FISH SOLD HERE

Another gentleman came and after observing  said to the fish seller I say, you are only selling the fishes HERE only and not any where else, then where is the need of displaying as ‘HERE’  The fish-seller, thought it was a good suggestion and again got the Board repainted  as ‘FISH SOLD’

Another  day, one more customer came and after his purchase commented:  It’s very nice of you having put up a Board, but what i don’t understand is, you are only selling the fishes and not giving anything in charity, then where is the need of the word ‘SOLD’. The fisherman, got again the board painted as ‘FISH‘. and thus thought his troubles ended.

But this was not the End, another man came and said,  From a distance, itself and by the smell, one can make out that it is Fish, then why a board with the display ‘FISH , tell me”. The Fisherseller, got so wild with many so comments and finally broke the Board to pieces. 

This story many may be aware of, but unable to know its meaning. The customers  in the above small story, had at least some patience to go through the Board put up by the Fish-seller and made comments which came to  their minds. whereas our readers, In the WORD PRESS don’t even have ‘little time’ to glance thro the posts which appear in the columns, let alone passing comments.



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