A Minimum of Eight hours of work is supposed to be put in by a Supervisor, Officer, or Manager  of an organization, in India. Of course all these are blue prints of the western civilization which has been adopted from the western side of the world

In one such Industry, the same rule was in vogue and people were following it scruplously, and on occasions, supervisors and the above grades used to put in extra hours other than the stipulated Eight hours taking more  interest in the assigned tasks or due to exegencies of work.

Due to some personal problems or for reasons best known to themselves, these category  i.e., Supervisors  and just above grade people were coming late to work , i.e., if they had to come at 8 am sharp, they used to come by Halfpasteight or late by an hour. These instances of late reporting to work came to the notice of the Management and they issued strict orders  saying that ‘Staff attending  duty should be punctual or else they can abstain themselves from attending work.’

This was not taken with a smile by the staff who were putting in’ late attendance ‘ and they argued that they were putting in extra hours of work due to exigencies  of work and  thus the view of the Management with regard to ‘late reporting’  was an act of injustice and not viewed in the right perspective.

Upon seeing the attitude of the supervisory staff with regard to the ‘late reporting’  on such pretext, the Management issued a circular which read  ” Being the supervisory staff, the management, expects that the supervisory and other higher managerial level, being responsible for the rise and development of the organization should be On duty 24/7 , (i.e., right round the  clock) and only on the basis of gratis  the management has permitted supervisory and other staff to go to their homes soon after their working hours ,as such it is not right on the part of those reporting ‘LATE TO WORK ‘ On some pretext is not valid.”

This Episode is a Fact and not a fiction. This has been brought out to serve as an Eye-opener to the younger generation.

Thus one should remember the words of Late John F. Kennedy ,Who served as the 35th PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. which  states : “D’ont ask what the Country has done for you, ask what you have done for your Country”




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