Life is not only dressing in colourfull and fancy clothes, watching the Idiot box for unending hours, talking hours-together with friends over the cell-phones and wasting valuable time.These are only outward appearences to please one another where as life really means getting knowledge by going through good books and implementing them in ones life for a better tomorrow. But who cares for these words in this world which is being carried away by Prentendness And TRYING TO PRETEND WHAT WE REALLY ARE NOT. For a few all this appears to be A SERMON ON THE MOUNT.

One more thing what we do is IGNORING SMALL THINGS and looking down upon people as insignificant and Trivial ,who appear to us to be meak and humble.

If you have gone through this small story you will not lose any thing , by going thro it once more.

Once a BRAHMIN (considered as an upper caste in India) with holy ash- strips covered on his body and having read holy scripts wanted to cross the river GANGA (Ganges). To cross over, one needs a boat and when he saw one, he asked the boatman to take him across to the other side. The boatman agreed and when they had sailed a little distance, the Brahmin asked the BoatmanHave you gone throRAMAYANA‘ and ‘MAHABARATHA‘ ” The boat man said ” No Sir“. On seeing the negative reply the Brahmin said ” ONE FOURTH OF YOUR LIFE IS WASTED“. On passing a little further, he again inquired the Boatman ” Well have you gone thro the BAGAVADGEETHA- which Krishna has taught to Arjuna” The Boatman looked hapless and said ” Well Sir, we dont have any acccess to such books, then how we can read”. Again the Brahmin looking hurt said to the boatman “ Half of your life has gone in waste.”

They crossed a little further and were almost in the middle of the river again the Brahmin asked the boatman wondering about the ignorance of the boatman and feeling high of himself, “ Well tell me have you gone thro Any Upanishads or vedas”? The boatman looking hurt Said ” We do not know how to read and write, then how can we go thro such great books”. “Then your Threefourth of your life is wasted ” said the Brahmin to the Boatman. Just then huge waves started began rising in the river due to tides and water began to get into the boat and it started sinking. Seeing this the Boatman asked the Brahmin “Revered Sir ,DO YOU HOW TO SWIM”? No came the reply . “Then your whole life is a waste” saying so, the boatman swam and reached the shore , and the Brahmin got drowned in the river.

Moral: Never looked down upon people who are meek and humble.


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