The Moghul Badshah AKBAR THE GREAT, ruled India in the 16th Century. He was such a good and able king that he was appreciated by one and all. He had very good administrators in his court and one such was RAJA BIRBAL, who was wise as sharp as a razor and witty too.

ONCE KING AKBAR, asked BirbalBirbal having gone through some of your noble scripts,one thing amazes me  as to why is that your God himself comes to save his Bhaktas(devotees) when they are facing utmost difficulties and when their life is at stake, even though he has umteen number of servants under him, He could easily command them to save his devotees !  To save his most revered devotee namely ‘PRHALAD’ he himself took the shape of ‘NARASIMHA‘(half-man-half lion) tell me why.”

Birbal was astonished with AKBAR‘S Inquiry and said ” O’ Jahnpanah’ (mighty king) give me some time to answer your question.”

After some days, Akbar became so busy that the question he posed to Birbal went out of his mind.   A few days passed then one fine day  Birbal said to, AKBAR,” O My Lord , tomorrow happens to be a Fullmoon day and it will be a fine thing if we go for a sail on the River Jamuna!” Akbar saidAll right make necessary preparations for the sail

On the next day night the Yacht was ready and all the people of the kings court got on the yacth with  KING AKBAR, but  to their surprise, there was no sign of BIRBAL. They all waited and waited and time was running out. At last Akbar immpatietly gave orders to start the yatch with an unwilling mind as to have missed Birbal.

When they were about to start, they saw BIRBAL running and coming towards them. They saw on his back seated was prince KKURAM (Jehangir -the son of King Akbar) ” Why the delay and what for you brought this young fellow ” demanded AKBAR.  BIRBAL replied”  O, King, when I was about to start, prince started crying saying that he would also come with me and hence the delay” Akbar said ” Its  already late, get into the boat quickly” and the yacht started.

When they were in the middle of the river.,they heard a big splash. All ran and saw Birbal was looking preplexed looking down at the side of the yacht “What‘s the matter, ?” said king  Akbar, looking at Birbal”. Birbal looking shocked said “O, King, excuse me. it just so happened, that i slipped and prince Kkuram fell off  my shoulders into the water.  Without tbinking for a brief second, AKBAR splashed into the water and after struggling for some time came out of the water with a replica of his son.”You have made a mockery of me” Said King AKBAR  showing full fury in his face,” I shall see that you’r be-headed for this.”  Birbal with folded hands said ” O’ King, excuse me. Shall I remind you that once your Majesty asked me why our God comes himself to save his devotees when they are on the threshold of death. Now please tell me king, when you had so many servants with you, who would have  dived into the water to save your son, why you yourself jumped into the water?  In the same way God will not hesistate to save his devotees when they are in trouble and at the threshold of death. King Akbar, was very pleased and commended the witty reply of BIRBAL.








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