ALL CANNOT  BE  LEADERS, BECAUSE TO BECOME LEADERS likeMahatma Gandhi, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander the great, John F Kennedy, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Admiral Nelson, (to name a few)   one should possess  GREAT QUALITIES which is enumerated below.

SENCE OF MISSION:’ A sence of accomplishing a given task is the main objective of every leader. Mahatma Ghandi wanted to achieve independence from the British rule and similarly George Washington wanted to establish an independent country  with a small group of English people, which we all know as America. They all had a SENCE OF MISSION  and  were prepared to meet with any eventualities  to achieve their desired goals in spite of surmounting difficulties which came in their way.

BRAVEOURY OR COURAGE:  This is the next  quality, which a leader has to possess.  A leader will not ask his subordinates to enter the enemy line first. He shall always take the first step and shall not hesitate even against odds. Under any circumstances  he shall not retreat the steps put forth  by him’ Hence the saying: ” COURAGE IS THE LADDER ON WHICH ALL VIRTUES MOUNT”


A REAL LEADER NEVER PUTS HIMSELF FIRST AND ALWAYS GIVE WAY FOR HIS MEN TO ANY CREDIT OR VIRTUES . AN IOTA OF SELFISHNESS CANNOT BE SEEN IN THE LEADER.  Imagine there  is a ROUTE MARCH  to be held for a platoon consisting of 30 soldiers and the route march is for a distance of 10 miles. After the end of the March-past, the soldiers are expected to have their Lunch and one  army man in the rank of a MAJOR has to lead them in the March-past. At the end of  the march past, the soldiers find only 30 packets of  Lunch packets are packed and  sent and there are 31 People to eat.  They are even asked to  re- trace, to the Head-quarters from where they had begun, soon after they have their Lunch. Now the question arises as to who should forego the Lunch. Definitely the leader i.e., the MAJOR, Who has to imbibe in his fellowmen the act of selflessness and to keep up the morale of his fellowmen . On retreating their path, they will look at their leader who is leading them, walking with full enthusiasm and hence think Within themselvesSee our Leader, in spite of not having Lunch, how briskly he is walking”.  On the contrary, if the Major had taken one of the lunch packets for himself,  the lone  soldier who would be deprived of the packet, would be cursing all, and unwillingly be marching along with the others. This example depicts the quality of a leader. 

Next quality  is – THE  VOICE:  It is   needless to say that a Leader should have a good voice. When NAPOLEAN BONAPARTE OF FRANCE , had to attack Prussia, he had his army with him  who were so tired that they could not even take a step forward. There was a Fort which was to be taken seige off .  This being the condition, Napolean took the charge of the situation and decided to enter the Fort all by himself and upon entering he shouted to the Prussian soldiers “ SURRENDER“. Hearing his Loud voice, all the Prussian Army soldiers, numbering more than a hundred, and  inspite of being in possession of guns in hand just laid out their guns and surrendered. “Some one questioned them ” When Napoleon entered , you all had guns and you could have easily killed him’ instead you all surrendered, what made you to surrender? ”   The soldiers  answered  “His VOICE  was so great that we were dumbstruck and  we surrendered.”


This is also an important trait to be in a leader. when ALEXANDER THE GREAT from Masedonia was on a war, he was sorely wounded and was almost to take his last breath.He aspired for a cup of water to quench his last thirst before dying.  One of his soldiers saw him and somewhere with difficulty brought him a cup. Alexander also saw near to him another soldier who was also equally wounded and looking eagerly at the  cup of water.He said to the soldier who had fetched him water ” Give it to him, thy need is greater than mine” saying this he died on the battle field.



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