This is a poem. which I happened to read during my school days and it is worth mentioning here as it has some MORAL TO SHOW.

The Mountain and the Squirrel had a quarrel and the former called the latter little prig,

Bun, replied you are doubtless very big,but all sorts of things must be taken in together,to make up a year and a sphere.

l’ll think it no  disgrace to occupy my space, if i am not so large as you, y’re also not so  small as I and half so spry,

I’ll not deny to make a very pretty squirrel track Talents differ all is well and wisely put, if i cannot carry forest on my back, neither can you crack a nut.

The above poem shows that NOBODY  Is INFERRIOR OR SUPERRIOR  to any body in  this world and every body  & every thing created by God is equally important.

When difficulty comes everyone feels sad and when happy their happiness will know no boundaries. Here is a  short story  of a Chinease man.

In china there was an old man who lived with his only son.It so happened that a good horse Known as ‘ Panchakalyani‘(i.e., a horse with very good abilities) stroll into the Old Chinease court yard. Everyone in the Neighbour hood ran to the old Chinease’s house  and congratulated the old manWhereupon the oldman muttered ” THIS MUST BE FOR SOMETHING BAD”. After some days, while riding the horsehis son fell from it and broke his leg.   Then also the neighbours came and expressed their sympathy. ” This must for something Good “said the old Chinease.

A few days rolled by, The Huns, attacked China and waged war. All able bodied persons were sent to war. The old Chinese son, because he had a broken leg was spared and thus his life was saved, whereas the others who went to war never returned home.



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