GOD IS SO MERCIFUL, that to open the eyes of people in general, he performs MIRACLES, to bring about the greatness of his Devotees Who have utmost faith and regard in him.

MOSES, who was a Hebrew slave, when tried to cross the river Nile, in order to seek a remote place away from the Egyptian and cruel King Ramsses, the River Nile splits itself and gives way to MOSES. Angered and feeling jealous by the glory of MOSES and his belief in God, King RAMSSES and his army with an intention of destroying Moses and his Hebrew followers, follow him to the river Nile and thus meet their end. This was so nicely depicted by CECIL.B.De.MILLEE in his filmTEN COMMANDMENTS’

INDIA -OUR MOTHERLAND, had has given birth to many great saints to bring out the fear of God among people, lest they should not go astray in performing their duty. To mention some of them- Saints as Vedavyas, Soordas, Thulsidas,Kabirdas, Gyaneswar,Thukaram, Bhakta kumbar, Purandara, Ramanujacharya etc. Among these Iam of the opinion that KANAKA, excell all these, though he was a kuruba (considered as a low caste in yeaster years) because of his simplicity and utmost devotion towards LORD KRISHNA. Lord Krishna was so impressed by his devotion that a statue of LORD KRISHNA at Udupi in Karnataka, took a turn of 180 degrees to give Darshan (view of Gods statue) to KANAKA, when he was being tried for a theft, which he had not even committed and was being beaten mercilessly by the so called upper caste Brahmins, during the 16th Century. I remain ever grateful to the producers of the Film namely Sri.D.R.NAIDU, who left no stones unturned to bring out a film on KANAKADASA, way back in 1960 and spreading his greatness among the Hindu classes.

During those times VARNASHRAMA (caste system was in vogue) the upper caste people used to look down upon people coming from the lower caste. During many instances, KANAKA, tries to bring about an awareness among the upper classes- so called the Brahmin community but they stick to their guns and continue to ridicule him. Once when questioned by his Guru VYASA, as to who can attain Moksha, (Salvation-meaning having no re-birth) he says- “IF ‘I’ CAN GO, I CAN GO”. Every one in the audience is perplexed with such an answer and starts rebuking him. Then he explains that if the ‘I’ Ego can be removed from ones mind, one can attain salvation.

Such instances are shown in the above film which is hard to explain in words.If staunch Hindus being on foreign soil care to view the film which is available at a minimum cost of 5$, I feel they will be indirectly serving their mother land in an indirect way and by showing there foreign brothers the greatness of our saints.

NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS, when they leave this world once and for all, either their body will be cremated or buried. This being the rule of the world, KANAKA, because of his unstinted devotion towards Lord krishna enters AND attains salvation with his Mortal body, which was only available to Saint Sri Jagadguru Sri SHANKARACHARYA OF SHARADA PEETAM IN INDIA. Such was the greatness of KANAKA and we should be proud of taking birth in such a holy land where saints like KANAKA took their birth.



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