An optimist finds opportunity in every difficulty., where as a pessimist finds difficulty in every opportunity.

Good people by nature will be good and there can be no bad people. It  is what the society makes  them by giving all sorts of comforts to the undeserved persons, especially by the parents.

During olden days,  60-70 years back, the word Television was not even heard off and people used to flock around the cinema houses for entertainment. In most of the houses, you could just see a radio playing and people who had a  few dimes more would go in for a dics player or a radio gram. But look at the problem today, not an ordinary one but a Television which would be as big  as the door of a  wardrobe comes into view in  almost all the houses.

Are people satisfied with this? In spite of this, people are seen crowding in front of every Miltiplexes and enjoying with what ever is projected on the silver screen. And What good they are learning with the advancement of civilization,except acting like real heroes, with flashy dressess accompanied with more flashy two wheelers or fancy and glamorous  model cars  bought out of their  innocent but careless parents earnings, just to impress upon the opposite sex,  and their good for nothing friends.

So far the ill effects of civilization,was talked, leaving aside ,drag race, Bike-wheeling, abuse of drugs, and many other bad habits which is not worth mentioning here.   ‘A BAD HABIT IS LIKE A SOFT BED, EASY TO GET INTO, HARD TO GET OUT’.

In  addition to the above , there is the cricket fever craze which has taken the world by the storm. Formerly there were 5 to 6 matches a year. But nowadays apart from  the Test matches , The T-20  and IPL are there, attracting huge crowds.   The players of the match make up huge sums of dough besides benefitting the ICC and BCCI to take the lions share. Instead of wasting precious time, fuel and energy the same could be viewed at their home itself. There are also, people, who watch the same on their costly mobiles or cell phones which in the long run will definately affect their precious eyes. Such behaviour is definately because  of -‘We shall cross the bridge when we come to it’ attitude.

So far an attempt was made to speak upon some of the ill effects of civilization.What about CULTURE.  It is difficult to say what culture is. But when the same question was put across to Sri C.R.RAJGOLACHARI, who happened to the first and the  Last Governer General of India, he said ” CULTURE IS NOTHING BUT CONCERN TOWARDS OTHERS” Is any one showing any concern towards any one, is a million dollar question to be answered.



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