ALFRED LORD TENNYSON has penned many a poems of which here is a stanza reproduced to bring out the essence of ‘BAGAVADGEETHA’, from the great Hindu Epic MAHABARATHA.

‘Home they brought her warrior dead.,she nor snoowned nor uttered cry, all her maidens watching said,she must weep or she will die.
One might be wondering as to what Tennyson’s poem has a connection with the Mahabaratha. To bring out the same a little patience of the readers is anticipated to go thro the ongoing paragraphas.
The Mahabaratha depicts good many incidents as a eye opener to many and it is not a wonder that almost all Hindus are aware of these though not all the people in the world.

As a prelude to those who are unaware of Mahabaratha – I shall give here a glimpse of the story of Mahabaratha in a few sentences without which many may find themselves like ‘ALICE IN WONDERLAND.’

In Mahabaratha there are two sides one called as KAURAVAS (being one hundred sons)- and the other side being the PANDAVAS (only 5 sons of king Pandu) Prince Duryodana being an adament and envious person and being the eldest son of the Kauravas, hatches a plan to deceive the Pandavas and send them on exile for 13 long years and takes over their kingdom. When they return from the exile he does not agree to return their kingdom to them and as a consequence the Pandavas take to war with the Kauravas.
Seeing the huge army of the Kauravas and feeling sorry to kill his blood-relatives in the war, ARJUNA -the mighty warrior,among the Pandavas, decides not to fight, thus avoiding bloodshed. Then the supreme Lord SRI KRISHNA, narrates to him the duty to be followed as a Kshtriya Which is known as the holy script –BHAGAVADGEETHA to the Hindus. In the Bagavadgeetha Sri Krishna, being a charriator to Arjuna, tells him that all those who have to die in the battlefield – the task has already done by himself and Arjuna only for name sake, has to kill the warriors. He tells him that those who are born are destined to an end and it is in the form of Death. Arjuna, then decides to fight. During the battle, ARJUNA”S son ABHIMANYU is killed treacherously. Upon seeing the dead body of Abimanyu, Arjuna starts crying bitterly, but UTTARA- the beareved wife of ABIMANYU does not shed a tear in utter grief. This reminds us the above stanza of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s ‘Home They Brought her Warrior dead…….’

The point which i want to highlight is this: When Arjuna starts weeping bitterly, Sri Krishna also starts crying even more bitterly. Seeing this Arjuna being perplexed says to Sri Krishna “Iam crying because my son is killed, but what makes you to cry so bitterly” Then Sri Krishna Says: ” WHAT A FOOL I HAVE BEEN TO HAVE NARRATED THE BAGAVADGEETHA TO YOU”. ” I have clearly mentioned to you that Nobody is there to be killed by you and all men are mortal,inspite of having heard all this again from me, yet you are crying over the death of your son ABIMANYU, Hence Iam crying over my foolishness, for having narrated to you the BAGAVADGEETHA”.

‘(the above dialogue between sri Krishna and Arjuna is an imaginary thing told by my friend Mr.Bentur,during a training Programme, Just to bring out the fact that people, even having been told consequences of smoking, dragrace etc., still continue with their pigheadedness, which amounts to the saying: ‘YOU CAN TAKE THE HORSE TO THE POND, BUT CANNOT MAKE IT DRINK’



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