What is the purpose of such a title? 

All the scents of Arabia cannot remove the blood stains from my hand‘. This sentence was uttered by Lady Macbeth in William Shakespeare’s drama ‘MACBETH‘. Macbeth in his greed to usurp the throne, murders King Duncan provoked by his notorious wife Lady Macbeth.   He gets no peace of mind and not only loses his life in the battle but also wash hands of his kingdom.

Coming to another play of William Shakespeare, HAMLET.  Hamlet’s uncle kills his own brother conceatly to get to the throne.  Because of his greed,  not only good and noble souls like Hamlet, his girl friend Opehelia. her brother Laerteus and his father Polonius,  lose their life for no fault of their own.

‘KING LEAR’ is another of Shakespeare’s tragedy’s. In this two sisters Gonoril and Regan due to their greed to take over the Kingdom of their father, go to such an extent of throwing King Lear out of their palace under some pretext and make their other Sister-Cordelia-who is frank and noble to die in such drastic conditions along with their father. Not being satisfied with this they poison each other and meet their fateful death due to their high ambition and deceitfulness.

This is as far as THE WEST SIDE OF THE STORY. In what way our EAST is better? If we see one of our EPICS-THE MAHABARATHA- PRINCE Duryodhana.being a avaricious, wicked, envious and vindictive person, send the sons of King Pandu-The Pandavas into exile by unfair means. In spite of giving all sorts of troubles, he does not return their their Kingdom wages war with them and finally meets his death in the battle field.

If we turn the pages of Indian History, we can easily see this  envy even in our yeaster year Kings.  Prithviraj and Jayachandra were cousins. While Prithviraj being noble and kind.,Jayachandra was envious. He hated Prithviraj. Prithviraj being in love wants to marry samyukta-daughter of Jayachandra and carry away his beloved. This was adding fuel to fire and because of being envious, Jayachandra invited Mohammed Ghori from Afghanistan to come and put an end to Prithviraj.  Seeing the opportunity Mohammed Ghori not only killed Prithviraj but also established his Empire in India.  We speak of Unity, but we see Diversity here.

People who are envious and jealous can be forgiven just as The  Bishop in Victor Hugo’s one Act play -LES MESARABLES or Bishop candlesticks – English Version.  Convict Jean valjean steals the silver Candlesticks belonging to the Bishop and when he is caught by the police and produced before the Bishop, he says that he himself had given the candlesticks to the convict. This behavior of the Bishop converts the human In the convict. The Bishop then blesses the convict  Jeanval jean and says – “Remember my son this body is the Temple of the living God”


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