I have gone thro some of the Posts published in the WordPress and iam dismayed at the length of the posts which are written. Iam of the opinion that lenghthier, the Posts few people would venture to go thro the posts. Many may not agree with my opinion as every one is free to have his own opinion.

Alister Maclain,Conon Doyle,Charles Dickens,Victor hugo are some of the writers who can write books which contain volumes of pages. To go thro such books one should have patience as well as time at their at their disposal. More over now adays people around the world have got so much addicted to the Cellphones that not only they are spoiling themselves but also the younger generation. Every one is aware of Impact of .”THE BLUE WHALE GAME” which is spoiling the today’s younger minds. The parents are the main cause of this because they will express happiness when they find their off springs show their ability in surfing the pages of the cell- phones. Even they go to the extent of leaving their phones at places which themselves will not be aware of. Such being the case where negligence of parents can be attributed to the misuse of cell-phones,we cannot blame the children who take advantage of such situations.

Hence whenever a post to be Published,it should be aimed at improvement of the people in a society and not speak of religion,caste and other connected issues. I sincerely hope that readers will view the matter in the right perspective.


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