A farmer was ploughing in his field. Suddenly ‘INJUSTICE being -the king of Evils appeared on the scene. Beconning to the Devil, who was unaware of what is happening said, “You idiot, have you become blind and day-dreaming, don’t you see what I perceive, See for your self how happy is that useless farmer,if you don’t make him unhappy, I will burn you. If people become happy our days are not far off from existence. Get to your feet pronto and do something to make that farmer lose his mind” Thus saying Injustice disappeared.

The Devil thought for a long time how to go about the problem. Finally he set upon a plan. He slowly went to where the farmer had kept his lunch and took it away thinking that the farmer will cry and cry for not finding his meal of the day.

Soon the farmer, seeing that it was afternoon, stopped ploughing, washed his hands and went to the place where he had kept his lunch. Having seen that his lunch sack was missing, he said to himself ” someone might have been hungry and must have taken my food, alright I will have a tumbler of water,so saying he went on with his ploughing.

Immediately, Injustice, appeared once again and said ” Now the time has come to burn you, I shall do it immediately, Said the Injustice to the Devil. Had I not told you to make that man unhappy, and now see what you have done”! The Devil, begged Injustice to give him one more chance to prove it’s might. Agreeing to the pleading, the Injustice disappeared.

The Devil, this time took the shape of a boy and appeared in front of the farmer and said that it has come to help him. Seeing the forecast, that there would be famine, it advised the farmer to sow the seeds in the marshy land. All other farmers who had sown the seeds in ordinary lands washed their hands off from money, whereas the farmer sold his crop at a high price and made a lot of money. Next 6 months, the Devil advised him to sow the seeds in an uphill. This time, it rained heavily and all the other farmers crop was swept away due to heavy downpour. The farmer was very happy. Not only he made four times the profit but also could have PLENTY of grain in his granary. The Devil, directed the farmer, to make a local drink -Toddy (just like brandy) with the excess grain in the granary. Having made he started drinking the Toddy, along with his wife, sons daughters etc. Once again the Injustice appeared again and said to the Devil “What the hell you have done, I told you to make him unhappy, instead you have made him more happy, you are no good to exist”. “No, Sire, said the Devil to Injustice, watch, this is only the first round, see for yourself what happens next with your own eyes”.

Next, the farmer seeing that his wife had spilt some of the toddy lost his temper and started calling her all sorts of names and began thrashing her in front of others. Then he and others began drinking again and started rolling like pigs in the gutter. Soon there was a fight among the gathering and each one of them were injured badly, were crying loud with pain and having no sence of their existence. Injustice was very happy, as the Devil had marvelled in it’s task. Being happy with the task given and successful accomplishment,the Devil was promoted to the next higher rank by Injustice.




If at all if you’ll like to find any crazy people,any where in the world you can find in many places but INDIA TOPS THE LIST. If you see the crowd at the stadiums, you can be sure that any amount of Demonitization will not stop the rich, becoming richer and richer day by day. Formerly i.e., in good old days there used to be a few matches played between different nations like M.C.C and India, or Australia vs West indies, etc. But now you can almost see a match being played right round the year which is nothing but dime a dozen. You dont need a blue print to make out who is getting the Lions share out of these matches.It is the players and the B.C.C.I.

As said earlier, there were only TEST MATCHES ,for a period of 5 days. Then came the ONE DAY INTERNATIONALS, which was more or less apt and acceptable. Then came ‘T-20’s where in the match was restricted to 20 overs.

Now it has reached the height of insanity with the introduction of the, I.P.L (Indian premier League).As far as i could see,this is not only funny but also ridiculous with each side having players from different countries mixing and playing in the matches.Some of these being backed by some of The Elight of India and are known by crazy names, viz , RCB, D.D, CSK etc.

In addition, they have introduced some dames who could be dancing right through the match and spectators glaring at them with their bewildered eyes.This is nothing but adding fuel to fire.Days are not far off when they might mix the opposite sexes in the matches and it may not be a wonder if they do so, to make the already crazy ones to become more less to assume themselves to be man on the moon.

Because of these crazy matches, even the School boys being much impressed take whatever they could lay their hands and occupy the streets with some wooden clubs and studs calling them as Bat and stumps ,and endanger the public with their imaginary matches and destroying the pedestrains peace of mind.

Another sphere if you care to see, is at the Cinema theatres. Whoever the actors may be, or whoever may be the directors, but the theatres will run to packed houses. I am amazed as to how people make so much dough, which they dont mind spending like running water. Even water has become dearer but not money in the hands of people. I am of the opinion that these moneys are not hard-earned ones.

It is high time people instead of wasting not only money but even wasting valuable time, put the same to proper use, so that the bridge between the rich and the poor gets minimized and pave way for a better tomorrow.


The first thing which comes to Ones mind is ‘ Why go through this awaful post ,as if we dont know , another one thinks -‘ not only negligence, but rashness also attributes for most of the accidents’ So as one can see, NEGLIGENCE STARTS from the beginning itself. Likewise,we can see negligence in almost every part of our daily life as mentioned in the foregoing passages.

Mostly people are so addicted to music, that they pay no attention to what is behind them or what is next to them. All they think is to plug in the ear phone into their ears and go on nodding to the music with their hands and fingers moving in line with the music. This is a common sight in the busy streets of Bangalore. Such things if you dont call Negligence, then what else you can call?

Next is a live incident which i had come across in my life. This being a case of ‘ Electricity’ which many people are afraid off, than its utility. At one such house ,an electric wire passing over at the back of the house broke into two and half of the broken wire fell at the back side of the house.Since it was from the pole where the wire had snapped and being a live wire, electrician was summoned.The electrician came climbed the pole with bare hands, and after removing the fuse, pulled the other half of the wire with bare hands. As if struck, by lightening, lo, he fell down from the pole which was at a height of 15 to 18 feet above the ground.To make matters worse, his head got struck by a gutter stone,resulting in instant death due to blood gushing out from the head. You may be wondering, as to how this could have happenned after the fuse being removed. The reason was, due to heat, the fuse wire had melted inside and the connection was still there. Thus the accident resulted, because the electrician hadn’t used a wooden ladder to climb on, and the next reason being his over confidence thinking that, when he had removed the fuse,how can current be flowing.

Next is the case of an industry,which thought, ‘ They would cross the bridge when we come to it.’ It a manufacturing Industry, which used huge steel plates to bend, cut etc., using over- head cranes to lift the steel plates to move from one manufacturing Bay to another. When a steel plate measuring 10 ft x20 ft had to be lifted,the people at the bottom of the crane used to attach huge steel hooks to it, on all the four corners,for easy movement. At one such time, when it was being moved, one of the hooks called Sling, slipped which resulted in a huge jerk to the crane. But this was not a problem. But the actual problem, was a large bee- hive was attached to the crane and every one thought ‘let the sleeping dogs lie’. Thus none bothered about the bee- hive to remove it thinking that nothing adverse would happen. The jerk, resulted in the bee -hive coming apart and the bees attacked the crane operator for no fault of his. They started biting him in thousands and to escape from them he had the difficulty of climbing down the ladder which was 30-35 ft above the ground. He could not even see where he was heading to. He could not even open his eyes as bees had bit him in the eyes too. He was admitted to the hospital, wherein thousands of bee stings were removed from his body. Luckily he escaped death being a strong and young man and after taking rest at the hospital for more than a week. Even today i shiver at the thought that i was not that crane operator.



I owe my sincere Thanks to this young girl namely TIMBUSHI EUNICE.G’ for nominating my name for this Wonderful Award. In my opinion though she is a young girl in her teens, she has mastered the various techniques required not only in the bloggers world, but in other spheres too viz, Accademics, public relations and more than this Her attitude towards God. (this praise is not because of my nomination to the ‘Liebster blog Award’) but due to the magnanimity which she really possesses. To mention her eagerness in Blogging, she has left no stone unturned in going through all the 32 posts which the Word press is good enough to print inspite of their tight schedule.

II. ANSWERS To questions posed by my Nominator:

1. How have you been able to manage your blog to this point?

Just like a Horse which has been tied a carrot in front of it and moving with the ‘Hope’ that it is able to gobble it any time, my movement in blogging is somewhat similar.

2. What does blogging mean to you?

I thought of writing some articles to these useless Newspapers, but they being politically motivated have no time for small timers like us.(mean myself)vThen my daughter suggested me to try blogging, so i wrote one such ‘MY BELOVED’ which the WORDPRESS was good enough to print in The Bloggers section.

3. Write Three important things about yourself?

Let alone 3, I dont, even have one good point about myself. The only thing I THINK OF IS TO IMPROVE PEOPLE WITH MY EXPERIENCES (if you care to call it experience) IN LIFE.

4.What would your advice to a new blogger?

Just as Timbushi Eunice.G. Says never lose heart. Keep writing.

5.Your Hobby?

Since i could not pursue electronics (since it was a subject not known to us during out times) during 1963 etc,i try to build some easy circuits, and wonder when i see them they work.(Example: LED’s etc)next i like reading JAMES HADLEY CHASE BOOKS AND PARTCULARLY ‘THE GUILTY ARE AFRAID’ which i have read 5-6 times over and over again.(its a crime novel and i adore it)

6.How would you describe your relationship with God in a sentence?

God is omnipresent and the world in which we live cannot exist without Him.We are only a slave of God.

7.If you were to have a wish what it would be?

GAUTHAM BUDDHA has preached: ‘DESIRE IS THE CAUSE OF ALL there is no wish at all.As you know,if wishes were Horses,beggars would ride.

8.Your Top Principle?

First of all help yourself. Then if Almighty gives you enough to spare, spare some to some who is needy.

9.If you were to go to any part of the world for a day, where would you like to go?

There are 1001 places which i have not can’t make a choice and be desperate.

10.What is your favourite song are artist?


11.Why Blogging?

As i said earlier in my blogs: one wants to make his name in this world though not in bigger fields.viz, Films, games etc.but at least in the literature world,to share ones own thoughts to others.


a) Vijit malviya

b) thatone.

c) relationshipgoals.

d) nikitagarg.

e) kashpals


1.what is the real purpose of blogging- as per you?

2.Has it occured to your mind that you think of rejecting the Nomination to the Liebster Award?

3.People usually go as bloggers in ‘ ‘masked ‘names why?

4. Why do you find in the world there are so many ‘Haves’ and ‘Havenots’?

5.What is Salvation? and how one can achieve that?

6.What are your favourite bloggers ( pl. dont include me)?

7.Normally people judge a person by appearence why so?

8.Which type of classics you like: Fiction, crime,Historical?

9.How hatred occupies ones mind? What is the cause?

10.How one can achieve happiness?

11.Many people consider many things as ‘waste’ in ones life. Is LIFE itself, is not a waste?




Wife was yelling at her husband “ You untrustworthy fellow, how dare you have an illicit connection with that concubine, all this time,i’ll end my life for the thing you have done to me”

This incident only took place, just because the husband was foolish enough to hide from his wife the relationship which he had, thinking that his mischiefs will go unnoticed by his wife.As you see, this was a case of hide and seek.

But look at this case, A man telling his wife:”My dear, i want to tell you something which i havn’t told you all these days. We have been married all these years and hence i dont want to keep this secret away from you any longer. In my bachelor days i had a chance to a visit a call girl and she was a lovely piece,i can’t forget the time i spent with her even after all these years” The very next day he faced a divorce from his wife.

A student who happenned to be an undergraduate due to his economic condition was in the habit of giving tuitions to young boys and girls.Out of the students, he was infatuated with a beautiful girl.But the sad thing was he was belonging to a upper caste and the girl was from another.How could he marry her even though he liked her so much. “After he gained a good appointement he wanted to marry the same girl. Alas the girl was already married. This thing unknowingly he narratted to his newly wedded wife and from then on they were sleeping in seperate beds. This was another state of a married life.

Such incidents surely will make anybody insane but one cannot control ones nature. Afterall men and women are the only cause which exists in this world besides the other living things.One is bound to commit mistakes one way or the other. This dosen’t mean all women are saints but their cases are not dime a dozen.

Iam not pointing out that one should not tell all things to their spouses, but things which make anyones life miserable should not be.

So if you want a good and long relationship with your spouse, never tell any secrets about you like a mug and face a rugged and awaful life.



IT IS SOMETIME BACK I WROTE a post Titled ‘DO CIRCUMSTANCES PLAY A VITAL ROLE IN HUMAN BEINGS LIFE’, and as expected except a few bloggers, rest of the people did not peep into the post. What could have been the reasons, let us take some time to Analize, that might have occured due to the ‘CIRCUMSTANCES’ as said in my above post.

  • First and the foremost reason could be they would have gone out of their normal resting places due to Christmas and New Year-2018.
  • Secondly thay would have made many a ‘RESOLUTIONS’ for the New year and may not be able to cope with the resolutions made and may be frustrated with themselves as they might have failed like the previous years.
  • Next being, many would be preparing for their forthcoming Annual exams being afaraid that they would be facing the wrath of their loved ones if they flunk.
  • Fourth reason could be many may be upset, as their girl friends or boy friends might have ‘DITCHED’ them having found someone better than them and naturally would be looking as if a spider has fallen into their soup.
  • The next reason could be some who are lucky ones,would have gone on a Honey-moon and would be thinking ‘ let the bloggging go to hell’.
  • Next reason could be they must be stuck with NEWTONS FIRST LAW, which gives rise to ‘inertia’ Which in ordinary words is called lazyness.
  • Some may be feeling short of ‘dough’ which normally makes anyone disinterested for the time being- as in my case.
  • There may be many more reasons which this little brain (if you care to call it a brain) cannot recollect. So, as stated, in my Post ‘ Do Circumstances play a vital role in humans life -stands proved. So No QED IS REQUIRED AS SAID IN GEOMETRY. (QED: stands for: quad erat demonstrandum)



Surprizing is it not? Well someone would have experienced in their own personal life too, at some point of time. This may sound some what in the pessimistic way but it is true.

This is not only in love affairs, between opposite sexes but might have happened in the case of like poles too.(one is aware that, like poles repel and unlike poles attract) You might have noted in the case of Magnets too, that this is true.

To quote a live example: In a Training programme organised by an institution, they had conducted a game in which one has to choose one of the partcipants as ones ‘leader’, another one as ones ‘subordinate’, so on and soforth. When my turn came i had indicated one ‘Mr X’ as ‘my Boss’ Under whom i wished to work and another man say ‘Mr Y’ as my Assistant’. In the same way other participants had also indicated their choices thro secret ballot. When the Training Manager, who was conducting the programme brought out and the results on the black-board, i was astonished to find that the Mr X, whom i had indicated as my Boss, had mentioned in his statement as myself ‘as unco-operative and useless’. Whereas the man whom i had indicated ‘as my Assistant’ i.e.,Mr ‘ Y’ had indicated myself as his Boss’ and had appreciated me as an upright and resposible person and had indicated to accept me as his ‘Boss’

From the above, it might be clear, to everyone that Whom we regard as ‘MOST USEFUL’ the same person might look us, as useless, and ‘WHOM WE Think as a ‘Useless fellow’ on the contrary, may have a Very GOOD opinion about us.

The above usually happens between a BOY AND A GIRL which usually results in misunderstandings and paves way for sucides and other such mishaps. HENCE ONE SHOULD NOT JUMP INTO CONCLUSIONS IN MARITAL RELATIONS.


Humans never learn from mistakes they do.


‘TO ERR IS HUMAN,BUT TO FORGIVE IS DIVINE’ From Times immorial the saying is made known but man is yet to learn its meaning in its fullest form.

We are interested in the former part of the saying as in the present context we are only concerned with it.

One might recall the HISTORY OF INDIA, where it is stated that Invaders who attacked India were dime a dozen and more furious among them was Mohammed of Ghazni, who had the guts to invade India for at least a dozen and a half times and plundered the famous Somanatha temple in the North of India. This being apart there were also The Moguls from Afghanistan who established their Kingdom in India due to the lack of Unity and animosity among the then kings of the Indian Empire.

The TAJMAHAL, which is considered as one of the wonders of the world was built by King Shah Jehan who was considered as a palace builder. When there was lack of UNITY  within India itself there is no point in mentioning that  king Shahjahan had kept his father imprisoned in jail, which proves the Adage: ‘people living in glass houses should not throw stones’.

After the Mogul rule, the British entered India with an objective of Trade and seeing that there was in fight between the Two communities coolly and with adeptness  established their kingdom in India. Very few kings were there who protested against the British. The only rulers, in India that too being in the Southern most part of India were  the Brave Hyder Ali and his son Tippu Sultan who fought against the British rule and gave their lives for the cause of Indian Independence.Thus it is befitting that a great warriors Centenary celebrations are conducted with a Pomp and show, instead of ‘ a few people trying their best ‘to throw spanner in the works’.





The above statement could have been made by someone intelligent who would have observed the behaviour of Human-beings.

GOUTHAM BUDDHA has Stated that  “Desire is the cause of all sorrows”. Instead of stating, he could have slightly modified as’ SELFISHNESS IS THE CAUSE OF ALL SORROWS.’ This would be more apt because One always considers himself ‘First’ and this is called as’ SELF’ or ‘SELFISHNESS’

Having come into this world ‘MAN’ to satisfy with this self, tries to Struggle for his existence and  goes after wealth, fame  etc., which in turns to ‘EGO’.

Because of this Ego, one tries to look superior in the eyes of fellow beings and thus aspires to acquire money to meet his various needs. Here it is apt to remember the words of   LIONEL ROBBINS who stated his THEORY OF ECONOMICS  ‘Wants’ are numerous but the’ Means’ are Scarce. Here ‘Wants’ refer to various desires of man’ and ‘MEANS’ refer to ‘Money or wealth ‘

Thus Man having numerous wants, viz, Tasty Food, Nice and costly clothes to wear, good house to live in and luxury cars to move about, so on and so forth and finding very little money at his disposal,  tries his best to fulfill his desires which in turn give rise to malice, jealousy, hatred, envy and other such evils  upon seeing other people getting their desired things and himself not able to, which  proves to be detrimental to ones own progress and in turn corrupts his mind. Because of these negative qualities man starts hating each other in the society  and there by it comes in the way of  UNITY and thereby gives rise to DIVERSITY.

Further the society in which we live, gives value to only appearance and not judge a person in ‘WHAT HE IS THAN ‘WHAT ONE POSSESS’.  If one cares to look into social gatherings such as Birthday Parties, Wedding or such similar parties, it comes to observe that each one wants to appear better than others so as get admiration from the others persons present around him. On not getting the expected praise, one feels jealous which leads to unhappiness  and thus loss of mental imbalance etc.

Once a saint asks his disciples as to who can attain salvation (avoiding re-birth) and none could give a satisfactory answer. Then one disciple, who is considered as an outcast, answers cleverly stating that “ IF ‘I’ COULD GO,I SHALL GO”(meaning he can attain salvation). Every one  who had gathered around  are  astounded with the answer given by the out-caste and mocks about his ignorance and adosity. Then the disciple explains that ‘I’ Stood for ‘SELFISHNESS’  and mentions  that if the ‘selfishness’ is removed from ones mind then one  can attain SALVATION. 

Hence, it is clear that Man cannot be happy unless he is contented with what he has. SANTH Thulsidas narrates in his Doha (a stanza of two lines) that a man may be in possession of hundreds of elephants, horses,and mines filled with valuable gems, but he will not be happy unless he is bestowed with ‘contentedness’  Thus we can see that’ MAN DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO LIVE ON LAND because of selfish attitude which is present in  every human being and it takes years and years of Devotion towards the Almighty to dispel  the selfishness.


A Minimum of Eight hours of work is supposed to be put in by a Supervisor, Officer, or Manager  of an organization, in India. Of course all these are blue prints of the western civilization which has been adopted from the western side of the world

In one such Industry, the same rule was in vogue and people were following it scruplously, and on occasions, supervisors and the above grades used to put in extra hours other than the stipulated Eight hours taking more  interest in the assigned tasks or due to exegencies of work.

Due to some personal problems or for reasons best known to themselves, these category  i.e., Supervisors  and just above grade people were coming late to work , i.e., if they had to come at 8 am sharp, they used to come by Halfpasteight or late by an hour. These instances of late reporting to work came to the notice of the Management and they issued strict orders  saying that ‘Staff attending  duty should be punctual or else they can abstain themselves from attending work.’

This was not taken with a smile by the staff who were putting in’ late attendance ‘ and they argued that they were putting in extra hours of work due to exigencies  of work and  thus the view of the Management with regard to ‘late reporting’  was an act of injustice and not viewed in the right perspective.

Upon seeing the attitude of the supervisory staff with regard to the ‘late reporting’  on such pretext, the Management issued a circular which read  ” Being the supervisory staff, the management, expects that the supervisory and other higher managerial level, being responsible for the rise and development of the organization should be On duty 24/7 , (i.e., right round the  clock) and only on the basis of gratis  the management has permitted supervisory and other staff to go to their homes soon after their working hours ,as such it is not right on the part of those reporting ‘LATE TO WORK ‘ On some pretext is not valid.”

This Episode is a Fact and not a fiction. This has been brought out to serve as an Eye-opener to the younger generation.

Thus one should remember the words of Late John F. Kennedy ,Who served as the 35th PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. which  states : “D’ont ask what the Country has done for you, ask what you have done for your Country”



Alister Maclien, was a great scottish Novelist,who wrote the Novel, ‘FEAR IS THE KEY ‘ and a film was also produced which became a huge hit.

In our daily life,we do many things out of fear rather than out of love or affection. Imagine a kid going to school. He goes to school, because of the fear that his parents will scold him if he does not. Even we respect our teachers not because we love them but due to the ‘fear’ that if we dont say ‘Good Morning’ to them, they might feel offended. In India, (i don’t know about the world, because iam like A frog in a well) when ever we see some one like a teacher or our boss or others we greet them with a ‘Good morning’.In my opinion we are doing this out of fear, even though there is hatred towards them, because they would have ‘ belittle’ us or scolded us.So we are doing out of fear, lest they become unfavourable to us.

The All India Radio, in one of their broadcast channels namely ‘AMRITHVARSHINI’ were brining out some experiences which some great people had encountered and it was really an eye-opener and hilarious to many to listen.The narrators were expressing their ideas beautifully. But for reasons best known to them ‘The All India Radio’ , have abruptly stoppped the Channel itself. All good things will not go for ever. One or two such instances which I had come across, i would like to share here:

In one instance: The narrator describes the situation like this: Imagine that you are asked to walk over a ditch on which a 4×1 wooden plank is placed over at a height of 3 feet. Then you shall not hesitate to walk over to reach the other end. Now imagine the same plank is placed at 100 feet, above the ground and you are asked to cross over. No doubt, you shall start swetting and your legs start tremblling.You may even faint at the thought of this. Now you can experience what ‘FEAR’ is.

Next narration was concerned with a man who was afraid of taking A flight.On one occasion he had to take a flight due to some exigencies. Shivering and his throat becoming dry, he slowly entered the Aircraft with all his hands becoming numb and sat in the seat reserved for him. After some time he saw some small things moving outside the window of the plane. “Look at those people down there, they are looking like ants,we are so high up in the air”- he said to the man seated next to him. The person next to him replied” The tiny ones who you see are real ants near the window, The flight is yet to take off”.


CONCERN TOWARDS OTHERS- what we really lack!

Iam not trying to exagerrate on this point. As everyone knows: There is a big question as to what is civilization and culture. Every one is aware as to what is civilization, but none is aware of what ‘CULTURE’ is.

To drive home my point i would like to narrate what i have observed in India.When someone ‘Expires’ the whole town will be there to attend the funeral together with their crocodile tears.where as WHEN ONE IS ALIVE HARDLY NO ONE POKES HIS HEAD AROUND. Why this kind of acting bothers me. We need not worry that we are not acting in any film as we are not actors, but in real life we even excel the real actors in a film. In a film, the actors are paid, whereas, we are not paid for our acting.

Now, One, must have nearly come to the point, which i am trying to stress on. When the last Governer General of India namely Mr RAJAGOPALACHARI (who has penned many a books) was inquired as to what is ‘CULTURE’ He replied “Having concern towards others is culture”.

One more instance i would like to mention in this context. It is my experience that more often than not, people who occupy window seats (especially in a two seater seat) in the government or private buses, occupy 3/4th of the seats in Karnataka,thinking that the whole seat is meant for them alone.This makes the other person parking his bottom,usually to fall down from the bus,when the bus negotiates a bend.This again points to the ‘NO CONCERN’ attitude of the persons.

This ‘LACK OF CONCERN’ one can observe in our ‘bloggers section too’. To test what bloggers would do, if i keep mum for some time i decided not to Post any further ‘posts’ for some time.When i did this for about a fortnight or so, none appeared to go thro any of my posts which i had penned earlier, nor bothered as to why a gap was there altogether. Ofcourse, they would be busy with something or the other. Yesterday, when i set the ball in motion again, one or two bloggers also replied to my ‘Comments’ and ‘likes’ Thus, this action of mine proved that ‘if we care, some also do’ and it points to ”CONCERN’ again.

I had gone thro some of the ‘posts’ penned by others some time back and had sent my ‘comments’ for which neither there was reply nor action from their end.This ‘behaviour’ from the bloggers show that they have no concern towards others which goes to prove my point.

I feel, it would do a lot of encouragement if the bloggers accept the comments and give a line in reply.Hope the Blogger fraternity will consider the matter in the right perspective and encourage the novice ones instead of praising the already popular bloggers who have already on the Top list.


I have often quoted in my posts that people are SELFISH AND SELF ORIENTED. Not only this, but they are unresonable,and they lack of seeing things in the right perspective.

I have often observed that people rush to see the posts written by already popular bloggers and not even care to glance at the other blogs, written by other bloggers, who have not made a name. In Kannada (one of the languages of Karnataka- SOUTHERN INDIA ) there is a quote which says people only bet on the tails of bullocks which are sure to win and not on the losing ones). And seeing the response given to my post, i feel,what has been stated is quite true. They only go for the posts which has a good lot of attractive photos, just like men looking at beautiful women and craving, at a party. So what is stated in the Title, “Dont judge a book by its cover” though stated is not at all in vogue,which goes to prove that ‘IT IS EASY TO PREACH THAN TO PRACTICE’.

Iam not telling that people who have posts with title ‘My bed room for christmas’ My preparations for New year, ’10 ways for better relationships are all absurd. People have differnt tastes and naturally their choices and their posts appear as per their experiences. They are also correct, as per the narration stated below:

Their were 11 blindmen of Hindustan, who wanted to wanted to see an elephant, but as they were blind, they could not see the elephant. So each one touched different parts of the elephant and when asked how is an elephant they said’Elephant is like a wall- this was from the blindman who happened to touch the body of the elephant. The next one said ‘elephant is like a pipe- this was from a man who had touched the trunk of elephant. So every one stated as per what they experienced. Though, every one was partly correct, no one was fully correct.